Facebook Emoticons: Web Love At Its Best

Facebook Emoticons are the best when it comes to web love. Love over the web is a common phenomenon nowadays since due to the advent of social networking sites. Facebook too being a social networking site offers chat facilities and Web love grows best over chat, and if one continuously uses emoticons while chatting, chances of the Web love growing stronger gets even higher because emoticons ensure that a conversation is informal and friendly and everyone knows that a friendly conversation is the first and foremost step when it comes to love over the web.

Love over the web is something which requires friendship to be strong, and that can only happen when the conversation between two people is informal and friendly, and this is precisely where emoticons play a very important role. Facebook emoticons ensure that love over the web grows, strengthens and develops into a greater bond. In order to promote web love, Facebook has come up with a range of emoticons, each of which symbolizes a respective happy emotion. So be it a simple smile or a toothy grin, Facebook chat emoticons promote web love and ensure that love over the web does not become anyway inferior to real life love as Facebook realizes the value of love.

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