Facebook Emoticons: Using Emoticons on Facebook

Social networking sites have a short history to look into and Facebook stands out amidst them. You’ve got to give some credit those tiny faces called Facebook emoticons for doing this honor. Using emoticons on facebook is far easier when you are aware of all the shortcuts that create the funny smileys. If a semicolon followed by a closing first bracket giving you a perfect friendly smile, you are actually saved from typing the words” I am happy and smiling”. Now that’s the magic of Facebook chat emoticons. They bring around a revolution in the world of virtual expression. You can say it all without having to spend time typing the letters one after the other.

Get sci-fi with the robot icon, or fill the message with pout frowns, never you feel like neglected and left alone by your close kin, the Facebook chat emoticons know how to say things in your way! Gear up and start showing some respect to all those symbols less utilized on your keyboard. These are the tools that save your energy; these are the shortcuts that bring out the vibrant colors in your chat message boxes. In the FB world Facebook emoticons go a long way simplifying your conversations.

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