Facebook Emoticons | Use Shortcut Codes for Facebook Emoticons

It’s hard to keep up with the speedy typist on the other end of the monitor. She knows how to complete all the sentences so fast and knows all of the Facebook emoticons by heart. You, on the other hand, are finding it hard to finish your sentence, and then there is the hard task of finding the right kind of Facebook chat emoticons to couple the words with. The most judicious task would to learn up all the shortcut codes at one go. Facebook smileys were designed to help you finish up your dialogues faster and in a crisp manner.

Among all the Facebook emoticons, you will first get acquainted with the basic emoticons like smile, grin, frown, curly lip, and the tongue. These are smileys that help you to display the most frequent emotions. Apart from these you can make use of special Facebook chat emoticons to create unique virtual identities. You can display your liking and preference for soft yet intelligent people with the help of the penguin; you can go futuristic with the robot icon. The FB world sets apart new ways of expressing your thoughts, for these people think more about saving time and helping you out to turn smarter in a way!

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