Facebook Emoticons – Unsure, Cry and Confused

Facebook emoticons are here to guide you with all of your emotional outbursts over the FB chat boxes. Planning to make use of your well-purposed tear glands and letting the others feel the emotion in their heart, insert the cry icon and get the chat corner drenched! Facebook chat emoticons give you a reason to create your individuality even on the virtual space. Just in case you find it too hard to understand what the other FB chat addict is trying to convey, insert the “iconic” confused smiley among the major Facebook chat emoticons. This will help them to make their discussions effortless and you are saved from typing out your confusion!

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For all those unsure moments like that of deciding whether to go to the movies on Saturday or Sunday? Where to shop in the weekdays or on the weekends? Or whether to plan a picnic for this weekend as opposed to the end of the month? You got your answer ready and stored within the supreme of all Facebook emoticons using the unsure yellow smiley. Once given the chance, all addicts of the FB world, put up an array of the cute and cuddling smileys in their chat dialogue boxes. The whole thing saves you a lot of time, when you are aware of the unique shortcuts for each of the emoticons.

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