Facebook Emoticons: Unique Emoticons to Chat With

Facebook emoticons are great ways to treat your virtual friends in those little pop up instant message chat boxes. Apart from the normal Facebook chat emoticons like those of your smile, grin and wink, you do get special chat smileys. These emoticons for Facebook are a bit tricky though, since they are made from different combinations. You can actually turn into the new generation geek, by using the Robot. Be the devil and trick the meek into your tempting lair. If you can be the rogue at school and college, then you can also be the same n the virtual world.

Gang up and Facebook chat emoticons help you to maintain a code all throughout. Send your buddies to snowy desserts. Surely North Pole does not have it. Santa might frown but your friends will grin with the penguin smiley blinking on their screen. You know it just takes some effort to say the three golden words to that someone special. Yet, you fail to gather that strength. Even when you are not able to type the words and press the big ‘Enter’ key the Facebook emoticons can come to your aid. A little combination of the “smaller than sign” and the “digit three” can help him or her feel the presence of your “beating heart”.

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