Facebook Emoticons: Turn Grey Skies Into Brighter Days

Suffering from a gloomy day? Struck by boredom? Nothing seems appealing enough to make your day bright and better? Television, books, games everything failed to cheer you up?? What’s the next best thing to do on such a grey day? Yes, 90% of the survey shall vote for Facebook! With Facebook emoticons it’s even more enjoyable! This online social networking site has struck up the lives of millions. Rarely you shall find someone not having an online account in Facebook. What is more interesting, is that now this website provides you with online chatting facility. Hence, with the Facebook chat now you can even chat with your friends in your list. But do you still find something incomplete about Facebook chat??? Did it seem dull and you couldn’t find enough to express yourself? So enter facebook emoticons!

Facebook chat emoticons can certainly make your grey sky turn into brighter days! With various smileys and expressions that have come up, chatting has certainly become more interesting and exciting with Facebook emoticons! Now put up smileys, sad faces, heart, roses, sharks, anger and so on so forth, whatever expression you wish to be shown on the chats.

Laugh and have fun with your friends exclusively with the Facebook emoticons, a method for expressing your emotions and feelings. Now you know exactly how the person on the other side wants you to view him as!

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