Facebook Emoticons: The Grin and Tongue

Are you bored with the typical Facebook emoticon that stretches the lips on either side? Then, give a try to the grin emoticon. Grin is broader than just a smile. It dissolves the tension in a person and fills him with immediate relief as you send the grin.

The grin is a Facebook emoticon with open mouth spreading the spectrum of smile across your face. It makes you feel good and cheers you up. The tongue on the other hand is like smiling at your ignorance. This Facebook emoticon is not sarcasm but the playful prank pulled at him.

Tease your best friend with the tongue and play the mischief. Facebook emoticons are about fun and entertainment that wraps you in the mood to get into online chat. You will love using the Facebook chat emoticons whether you are in grave situation or in playful mood. When words fall short to express, the Facebook emoticons are the most useful.

Tongue is a little pepper on a platter. Pinching fun with words can tangle up misunderstandings, but the tongue is sweet to look at. You will like the way your online chat shapes up once you start using the Facebook Emoticons.

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