Facebook Emoticons | Stick out Your Tongue with Emoticons

It’s time to show a little bit of attitude to those Facebook friends who make it a point to pick on you. You might be practicing it over the mirror for a time, but when you’re on Facebook you can behave like a true Facebook user. Take judicious help from your Facebook emoticons right way. The Facebook chat emoticons can play the cupid for you, while helping you connect with new friends at the same time.

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In the mood to spoil a serious discussion? Use the tongue icon in the chat box. Your friend will soon reply back, with selective Facebook emoticons from the other end; and there goes all the dull discussion of the air! Facebook emoticons can engage users in several ways of little entertainment that can singularly be deprived from plain conversations. Start a topic with the cool Facebook chat emoticons and let your worries aside for a moment. Start chatting through mobiles sets and even through your laptops and PCs. If you are capable of finding fun out of the little things in life, you can make the best use of the funny little circles from this moment on. With Facebook by your side, life gets better each day.

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