Facebook Emoticons: Sharks and Angels

Why bring the devil out of its lair, when you can finish of the business with your pet sharks. They may sound fierce, but it’s a good idea when you are tuned into Facebook and using wordless arms – your Facebook emoticons. Send the chat bullies your message and drop a shark at their chat box. It’s their turn to learn the lessons for you are the real FB boss. The Facebook chat emoticons bring out your individuality and set you apart from all other FB chatter boxes. It helps you to increase your friends list.

Time to play the cute angel around; thus type in the symbols in the following sequence “O: -)” and your friend will get the hidden message while traveling with it. Instead of wasting your breath, ranting your brain and typing ceaselessly on the keyboard, turn your attention to the crisp and sharp Facebook emoticons. Enliven your spirits and say it out clear for you are God’s angel with no misdeeds tainting your records. The Facebook chat emoticons holds up the right kind of favor you want to spice your chat conversations with. FB scores far ahead of major social networking sites and its huge increasing followers affirm to its popularity.

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