Facebook Emoticons – Share A Smile Online

Facebook Emoticons give people an opportunity to share a smile online, and by sharing a smile online people strengthen the bond that they have developed with a person on Facebook. Facebook is all about social networking and it aims to bring people closer to each other and helps develop the bond of friendship between strangers. While chatting it is usually impossible to display emotions since chat is a written form of communication, but with the help of Facebook emoticons we can share our emotions online and build a bond of friendship.

Sharing a smile online is very easy because a Facebook emoticon is free of cost and when one shares an emoticon, automatically a bond of friendship develops between the communicators. Facebook emoticons are special because when one shares an emoticon with another person, both the persons automatically come closer to each other because a emoticon displays the exact emotions which are felt. So while a conversation is going on, if a person types in the normal emoticon or the sad face emoticon, it means that whatever has been said has either amused the person or saddened him or her respectively. This is precisely why sharing an emoticon online is beneficial as it displays the exact emotions.

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