Facebook Emoticons: Robot & Red Devil

When you are hooked on online chat and you are not frank enough to share something or are really angry with someone- so much that you want to teach him or her a lesson- then the Robot and Red devil Facebook emoticons are here to help. Everyone is not candid to speak about everything and if you are like that and want to express the feeling then the Robot is used. It is one helpful Facebook emoticon to use when keeping yourself mysterious, then the Robot soars a person’s curiosity to what you are really thinking about. You won’t believe but the Robot is very interesting to spice up conversation.

Candies and flowers are the common gifts send to lady loves. Why not you try to be different by sending in the Red Devil online instead of the heart? It is your way to propose someone and see how it taps the interest of your lady love. Sometimes a new technique with jittery and spice thoughts work great and you can be using the same to bank hope on a relationship.

The online emoticons and emoticons are the best when it comes to reaching even the remote corner of your mind with dormant thoughts. Facebook is one such site that allows you to use the Facebook emoticon and get your life roaring.

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