Facebook Emoticons: Prove Your Love Through Chat

Say it once and you might have to keep saying it for the rest of your lifetime. And if this is the logic working behind proclaimed your love for some one-so be it, the diligent Facebook emoticons will never complain. Greet him or her in the morning with a simple smile and receive the magnificent grin from the other end. Just place your hand on your heart-you can count the fluttering beat! Thinking about a boring file to check and complete it before your annoying superior bugs in again, a little beating heart popping up suddenly will help you cheer up altogether. Maybe it was you who initiated the art of using Facebook chat emoticons, but when you get heart warming responses in return you can hardly stop smiling.

The Facebook world is one such portal that silently gets your loved ones near to you, with such a stand that you will actually start feeling warm and comfortable once again. The Facebook emoticons are nothing but short key combinations that can be inserted with a second. You will actually be able to call your little apple of the eye “a sweet angel” by simply making a yellow face with a halo smile at her through the chat message box. The Facebook chat emoticons are perfect chat mates for all account holders.

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  1. <3
    I'm sure you love putting those faces to your Facebook chat, profiles or comments to express your happiness, opinion on some stuff. Personally I put few funny smiley faces in practically every comment, because I like expressing my sensations about stuff. =) It's a text way to smile, you know ^.^

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