Facebook Emoticons – Pac-Man or Penguin

If you want to give your sweetheart a surprise gift but just don’t want to search into your pocket then send the penguin. Penguin is one of the cutest of all Facebook smileys. It can do more than one jobs. First, it will make your partner really happy to get such a cuddly gift, and it will also send across your unwritten message. The one that says how much you miss your partner and want to get closer to him or her. The most adorable of all Facebook Emoticons can also be sent along with other Facebook smileys like the heart or the kiss or the smile. They will multiply your love for your partner. Pac-man is a smiley that is used to display your attitude in a never-before way. If you are confident about yourself and feel pity for the ones jostling to make their place in the crowd, pacman is just right for you. This super cool smiley owes its origin to the smart video game from the 80s and will make you stand apart as a cool, retro dude. Bring a difference to your chatting by these two Facebook emoticons, the penguin by <('') and the pacman by :v.

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