Facebook Smileys of the World

Facebook smileys are the recent craze amongst the youngsters. They love using the Facebook chat emoticons, which open to them a sea of opportunity to play with words and expression and make conversation simple for them.

If you go a foray for picking the Facebook smileys to be used mostly or loved dearly by everyone, then the first that comes to mind is the grin smiley. It is an expression of happiness or making chats friendly.

The tongue smiley is for fun and folly. It lightens up the mood of the conversation online and gives an idea to the other that you are expressing the sense of stupidity for something of your friend. The Kiss should also be remembered, since it is useful to express the kind of love you feel towards your boyfriend and girlfriend. Writing in words can be embarrassing or hard to express therefore the kiss smiley speaks it all.

The curly lips are also an indication that how eagerly you yearn for a cuddle from your partner. It is like expressing the crazy feeling for your lover and how much you want to go to him or her.

Hence, the Facebook smileys add to a lot of fizz to the online chat.

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