Facebook Emoticons: Make Curly Lips & Squinty Eyes Using Facebook Emoticons

Common place reactions often make your Facebook conversation drab and boring. Now you have the Facebook emoticons to wipe the dullness away! Facebook emoticons guarantee a total spirited conversation to take place in the FB chat boxes, provided you know the perfect way to put the keys together. These are indeed a record-breaking variation to long expressions and sentences you would otherwise sit and punch furiously. Maybe you just received news that your cousins will not be able to make it this Christmas. Grab a mirror and in seconds you will see a saddened face making curly lips. You actually don’t need a webcam for your cousin to see your facial expression. Facebook chat emoticons are designed in such away, that the user can recall the smiley codes in seconds and convey their feeling within moment’s time.

Sometimes you’ve got to squint your eyes to make your chat buddy check their language or to tell them to clarify their points right at that moment. Stop all that yelling through your words, when Facebook emoticons like the squinty eyes or KiKi are enough to drive the message home! Once you are well-versed with all the smileys take some time to teach others to, for Facebook smileys are the best way to shorten up your long messages!

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