Facebook Emoticons: Kiki & Pacman

The KiKi is the Chinese face expressing happiness with a smile blend with mischief. Just wonder that you are having a good chat online and you want to play a little mischief with your friend to surprise with your surprise. By using Facebook emoticons like the KiKi you will leave your friends in wonder as what mischief you are up to now.

The KiKi is sweet to look at and the arched brows make it all the more sweeter. The naughty tinge to it will help you realize how beautiful it is to look at and how wonderful it is to insert it in between the conversation. The KiKi smiley is the lovable of all Facebook emoticons and is the most in demand and in fashion for users.

How could a person ever forget the Pacman and yes it is in the form of Facebook emoticons. From the early ages, then Pacman has been ruling the hearts. It is a yellow guy with its ability to loom up fun for you. You will to handle the yellow guy and steer it through the path when Pacman is in your games. The chat uses the Pacman and reminds you of the early times when it was famous.

The Facebook chat emoticons are in abounding and leashes out a sea of scopes to help you modify your chat.

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