Facebook Emoticons Keyboard Shortcuts

You’ve got to know how to make your facebook chat sessions amazing! Just try out the exclusive Facebook emoticons. The emoticons express your feelings in a way quite unlike your ill framed sentences. They take your conversations to a new level where much is said without the exchange of regular words. Your facebook chat emoticons cater to all the varieties of expressions and include not only on the common one but also those that help you create a new identity. The facebook chat emoticons come along with your chat dialog box and you can actually save a lot of time if you know the exact shortcuts.

If love is in the air then just type a lesser than sign and the digit three – there goes your heart beating for your love, blinking on the screen. If it is to do with rewarding your sibling for their success, send smiles and grins. Next time when people try to show you some attitude, tell them-“who is the real devil in the FB world”. The Facebook emoticons include special smileys like pacman that takes after the FB founder, kiki- to say hello in Japanese style and much more to make your conversation endearing and long lasting.

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