Facebook Emoticons: Glasses, Halos and Teeth

Facebook emoticons bring out the alter ego living hidden in each one of us. Thus if you are not the kind of idealist or preacher, you can start giving speeches to whoever you feel like; just remember to wear your glasses icon from among the Facebook chat emoticons. Stolen cookies from your neighbor’s kitchen and now your nextdoor bully is getting ready to push you before the firing squad. Send an angel and claim your innocence. All bright excuses and great ideas are born once you know the perfect shortcuts for all existing Facebook chat emoticons.

Let those set of teeth see the light of the day. You need to say this line to your sulking friend, spare your words out there, for the grin and the smiley Facebook emoticons can actually make him burst into laughter. Just keep the copy and paste option functioning in your chat dialog box. Facebook chat emoticons come with two kinds of glasses. If you are just chilling out, wear the sunglasses in public or in your chat sessions. On the contrary, if you want to play the wise and studious boy on the block, wear your black rimmed spectacles. Your Facebook smileys are ready to carry your message all about!

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