Facebook Emoticons: Give the Gift of Emoticons

You got all those virtual games on Facebook that allows you to send out gifts to your FB friends. Having said this, there are simpler tools that allow you to do the same – your lovable and easy to use Facebook emoticons. The emoticons for facebook come handy when you are thinking of ways to make your chat friend smile and feel warm from within. You have the penguin and the heart shape to give away.

As for now the teddy bears can warm up their store shelves. On Facebook it’s the intelligent penguins that are doing the rounds! Facebook emoticons lighten up your chatting abilities. It just takes moments to turn a dull or serious discussion into rib ticking fresco if you drop the curly lips and jazz it up with the wink, squint, grasp and tongue icon.

Try quizzing your Facebook friends. When they try to reason out with you, just grin and say- “all that was a joke to lighten up the atmosphere”. Your Facebook emoticons deliver the best possible gifts available in the FB world, they are small, they are cute and they know the way to convey all those unsaid words.

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