Facebook Emoticons: Four Ways to Frown

The frown isn’t necessarily an emoticon for Facebook that we want you to use often. However, it will get used quite a bit. Whether you’re telling a friend how much you miss them or expressing your discontent with a decision they’ve made or comment they have stated, the frown emoticon is useful. Some might call it “sad smiley” or “sad face”. No matter what you refer to it is, know that there are four different ways to create it in your Facebook chats and inbox messages.

The frown Facebook emoticons is very simple to create. It only requires a colon, dash and parenthesis or bracket. Sometimes it only takes two of those symbols to create a frown or sad face. Here are your four options for making it:





You could easily come up with a couple more just by branching off of those listed above. Use the frown when showing loved ones across the Internet how you feel about a court case, the rainy weather, a bad grade, recent breakup or whatever sad new. Even if you’re just empathizing with your FB buddy you can use it. There are plenty more emoticon instructions where that came from. Facebook is the most popular social network online, so it’s helpful to know all the little tricks and codes that make communicating with friends more fun. Try not to stay sad, but start expressing it with the four ways to make a frown. (shown above)

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