Facebook Emoticons – Follow Up with Facebook Emoticons

Making new friends in the Facebook world can turn into a real challenge. You might have accepted a lot of friend requests at one go, but expect trouble to break loose when you have five and more chat boxes popping up in succession, that moment you log into your account. Answering all of them with out disappointing anyone is the hardest task. Either you need a super typing speed, a keyboard with metallic keys or the Facebook chat emoticons to save you from disgrace. One might try to tell you about the fun he had in the college party, the next about the sulking weather at her place, the next about a recent break up and the context may follow likewise.

Just resort to the Facebook chat emoticons to have mercy on your fingertips. If one needs to be assured that the best is so the way, you can send smiles, if the other is planning to set common friends feel stupid. Send the devil and the wink. Facebook emoticons are indeed time and energy savers. You can create them instantly by inserting the right key combinations. What more can you ask for when you are capable of indulging in multiple chat sessions without even earning the ire of any of your chat friends. Facebook emoticons do save your day!

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