Facebook Emoticons | Facebook Emoticons are Easy to Use

When you hear someone say, “Oh my gosh that’s so easy!” in your head you realize that nothing is easy from the start. Hold on to this phrase for you are about to become familiar with the exciting Facebook emoticons that frequent all the chat boxes. Your close friends will tell you how easy it is to insert them in your messages. Spend an hour with a friend and try out the entire list of shortcuts for Facebook emoticons one at a time. Thus next time when you want to say something special, you know what to type right after it.

These Facebook chat emoticons help you to create short and crisp messages. They also allow you to display your unique entity to all your virtual FB friends. So next time you want to show your liking for the retro style, insert the Putnam or the Pacman icon. Love and tears will find their way when you start to get emotional. Kiki and devil set up on their own for they are specially designed emoticons for facebook. Kiki gets you the squinty eyes look and the devil needs no introduction. Play the Satan in the FB world and the devil icon with horns sticking out of his head will carry out your orders.

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