Facebook Emoticons – Emoticons Are Universal

Emoticons are universally used substitutes when it comes to displaying emotions over chat or any form of written mode of communications. Since it is not possible to display emotions during chat one resorts to Facebook emoticons. Similarly during chat sessions on the social networking site Facebook, one can choose from a variety of emoticons which are offered by Facebook. Since Facebook emoticons like emoticons in general are universal and have a diverse range, using them is both easy as well as fitting for the occasion. While chatting, conversations often tend to be serious or formal or emotional. Facebook chat emoticons are universal for all such occasions and hence are popular amongst the members of the social networking site.

Emoticons are universal in their appeal because everyone can relate to them, and Facebook has introduced emoticons because of the fact that Facebook is a social networking site which aims at bringing people closer to each other. Emoticons and using them during chats make Facebook and the whole social networking experience universally appealing. Facebook emoticons are universal, and also their application because chatting has gained immense popularity amongst people and emoticons make chats more emotional which helps people communicate and come closer to each other.

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