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Your Facebook emoticons are easy to create once you pay a little more attention to the symbols least touched on your keyboard. What your boring letters often fail to convey, your intelligent little yet powerful symbols do in seconds. The symbols working in perfect harmony and when inserted in specific sequences they form exclusive Facebook chat emoticons. You can get to express yourself in myriad ways without having to look for exact words to describe your basic reactions. You are put a grin and convey your excitement when someone special wishes you on your achievements, you can cry out and loud even with the help of the cry icon. Mental states like unsure and confusion can also deal with particular icons from the 25 different Facebook emoticons. These are developed to help the users recall their symbolic codes in seconds without having to look up for them each time while conversing on Facebook. Simple brackets, numeric and a few letters help you to create and design these Facebook chat emoticons. All new bees should make it a point to learn up these little help tools to make their chat sessions heart warming and humane enough to create their individual virtual image.

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