Facebook Emoticons: Devil or Angel

Facebook emoticons can make almost everything possible. What’s to be surprised about, if the new age Facebook smileys seat angels with devils over a cup of cappuccino? Don’t scratch your head. Facebook smileys have done just that! There is the devil (3:) 3:-)) from the smart list that will let the recipient understand what you think of him. You may someone who is playing Devil’s advocate and want to show it in chat. Unless YOU’re the one up to no good, then this emoticon is fitting. However if you want to woo someone, and once you succeed in pursuing her, impress her with your innocence by sending the angel (O:) O:-)). It is the most beautiful of all Facebook emoticons. It may just be the most innocent of all the Facebook emoticons too so be careful who you use it on. Devil or Angel? Take your pick! There are many more emoticons where those two came from!

2 Comments on “Facebook Emoticons: Devil or Angel”

  1. gostaria de colocar o emocion no meu facebook, pois acho lindo os desenhinhos e fica mais alegre a página, sem mais obrigada!!!!

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