Facebook Emoticons: Cry & Upset

Cry looks like :'(. This is the Facebook smiley or the chat smiley that is used to express your feeling of sorrow when you are sad. Insert the emoticon when you are sad instead of writing or explaining in words. You will love to make it short and simple when you are just not in the mood.

The Facebook emoticons are used when you are running out of time. Facebook chat emoticons are the best way of expressing your state of mind and letting your friend understand the situation and show the reaction. The cry emoticon helps when you are really sad by an incident and want to tell that to your friend.

The upset is another form of Facebook emoticon. It looks like >:) and the facial features signify that you are really confused of a situation and want help. If you are utterly worried and seek help then send in the upset and your friend will understand.

Facebook emoticons are easy to use and are in a way to helpful in making you realize that chatting online can be really easy if you use the facials. The Facebook emoticons are many so improve your conversation and make things simpler for yourself.

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