Facebook Emoticons | Chat the Afternoon Away and Use Emoticons

We all are now net freaks. We spend lots of time on surfing, chatting, and updating status on Facebook, but now we have another exciting feature on the Facebook that is Facebook emoticons that makes this experience better. Through emoticons, we can share our emotions, expressions, and feeling with the one we are talking or indicating. It is easy and very effective. You convey yourself to others quite easily by using Facebook Emoticons.

Chat has become a new and interesting experience now when we use Facebook Emoticons and it is fun to use these emoticons. They can make you cry, laugh, and make you love them. Chat is no more a boring experience now and with emoticons, you enjoy it. You can.

There are quite a few emoticons available in Facebook to explain you and your mood. Like laugh out loud which enables you to express your happiness when you want to laugh on something with abundance. Similarly, there is a cry emoticons when you are not in good mood or sad. If you want show love for some or give a kiss to some one you love while chat, you can use love and kiss emoticons. These emoticons prove very handy when you are away from you lover or your family and chatting with them. These Facebook chat emoticons help you show them that you really care for them and love them.

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