Facebook Emoticons are the Best

Exchanging words mean exchanging your feelings and emotions. Since ages, words have been defined as the most expressive ways of knitting your likes and dislikes and sharing them with friends. But the concept was ruled over when Facebook emoticons emerged with a new rage.

Today the different community sites on the Internet use the concept of smiley, a graphical representation of facial expression defining emotion. Facebook emoticons are the most favorite of all, with the scope to explore the varieties. A smiley is the smiling face, which accentuates a whole new happy message sent to your friend. Sometimes when you are happy at your friend’s new job or his news of getting married, the Facebook smiley can work wonders. The message is instant and it shows your friend how happy you are.

Facebook emoticons come a dimes a dozens. It can be a smiling face or laughing face or grinning face or angry face or depressed face or naughty face and much more. The Facebook emoticons unleash a potbelly of opportunities for the users to spice up their online chatting. The intention is to make your saying clear when words fail to express or lead to misunderstandings. Hence, Facebook emoticons have many benefits that you cannot ignore.

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