Facebook Emoticons: Angelic Emoticons

A perfect tool for those who find themselves getting into trouble quite often is to use the angel emoticon next time your Facebook bullies catch you by the ear, claim your innocence by inserting the symbols in the right sequence, “O” “:” “)”. There you go proclaiming to the world about how clean is your soul and how taintless is your mind. The angel is unique among all the existing Facebook emoticons you will come across. When all the other Facebook emoticons start of with punctuation marks and numerical digits to be precise, the angelic emoticon begins with an “O”. There you go, forming the perfect o with your lips, but interesting the O creates a halo across your crown.

So conceptually it’s the receivers turn to roll their lips in awe! Facebook emoticons create new avenues for chat addicts to concise their discussions and spend more time with their chat friends. All your late night crimes get forgiven once you send your angry mate the yellow smiley with a shiny halo on its head. These are cute and trendy ways to pepper up your chat sessions. Learn all the shortcuts for Facebook emoticons right away and brighten up all discussions.

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