Facebook Emoticons: Angel and Demon | Angels & Demons

Facebook emoticons can do wonders! They can make the god and the evil meet face to face without any obvious war. Where the angel is the sweetest and most innocent of all Facebook smileys, the devil, on contrary is the most vicious of all. The two Facebook emoticons are used in completely different situations, but there are also cases when you can insert both of them in a single chat. You can impress and propose someone in a different way by inserting the devil in your chat. If you get a nod, send the angel to show the innocent and refined side of you. But the outcome may be different and you don’t get a positive reply.

Then also you can send the angel as your messenger of peace and divine love. And this time you are bound to get a green signal. If you are not into the love business, and just want to let someone know how much you are paranoid with them, then also the devil will come to your help. The two multipurpose Facebook smileys make the perfect combination for harmony. Insert the angel by o:) and the devil by 3:).

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