Facebook Emoticon: Angel | Facebook Angel Emoticon

While there is the devil, there is also the angel – the prettiest of all Facebook emoticons. The sweetest and purest of all Facebook smileys, the angel is the symbol of everything good and divine. The angel will come of your help in many ways. First of all, you can make her your guardian angel to warn others of the “divine wrath” they would welcome if they mess with you. Jokes apart, the angel is the most beautiful of all Facebook emoticons to send with some special messages, of course some good ones. She can convey your love to your sweetheart in the most impeccable way. Just think if you had sent the devil to woo and impress someone, then the angel will just counterbalance the “vicious” act with her divine intervention. Moreover, you can send the most sublime of all Facebook smileys to your ailing friend or relative to wish them a speedy recovery bequeathed by the celestial angel. Get yourself surrounded by the divine blessings and beauty of goodness through the charming angel. Land her onto your chat message by o:).

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