Facebook Chat Smileys Express Feelings

The Facebook smileys are used as ways of expressing feelings. The facial expression says it all and reads clear even than words. Therefore, if you want to explain it better and be more impressive use the smileys.

Facebook smileys are also known as the smileys which have their own purpose and way to define things. Sometimes words can be scary and too complicated and to make things appear simple and easy the Facebook smileys are all that you may want to use.

Facebook emerged as the most popular social networking site with its new formula of designs and preface to make users have their own freedom and power to edit things according to wish. Then Facebook came with the idea of different emoticons to express the various facial articulations. You will like to use them when you are using them. The smile, grin, wink, tongue, upset, confused, pacman, angel and much more fit the list. You will love to use when you want to since instead of writing every details of your mind in words you can put it in the form of expression.

The Facebook smileys are:), 3:), :3, >:O,:-O, stands for smile, devil, curly lip, upset, gasp. You will enjoy using the Facebook chat smileys to simplify your conversation and make things easier for both.

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