Facebook Chat Smileys: Robot vs Pacman

Chatting online has many surprises for you if you are on Facebook. Simply enjoy the list of Facebook smileys and enjoy the trendy version of online chat. Robot is one of the wittiest Facebook smileys. When you realize the power of Robot, you will understand that it is easier to type in conversation than be tete a tete.

If you want to adopt a double standard situation then the Robot is the coolest. Robot is a little bizarre and inscrutable. It distinctly indicates that you are not ready to speak on a topic or is averted to the idea of coming up with your opinion. However, the Pacman smiley is opposed to the narrowed expression of Robot. Pacman hails from the 1980s. The famous yellow guy considered is the coolest and classy of all.

Stand out of the crowd and create your own edge with the Pacman. If you want to be the Retro dude then the Pacman is calling. Same boring sentences and big mouths can foul your meaning. Be catchy and stylish with the usage of the coolest Pacman and make the difference with cool Facebook chat smileys. Online chat is now more refined with the Facebook chat smileys and you cannot deny the advantage it gets you.

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