Facebook Chat Emoticons: Penguin, Kiki, Shark

Now you can not only grin, blow a kiss and cross you eye brows in confusion-you got more to expect from Facebook emoticons this time. The Facebook chat emoticons are targeted to bring about unique chat expressions each time you log in. Apart from all the usual exciting features and applications, it is the chat boxes popping up on the bottom right hand side corner that grabs maximum attention. The Facebook chat emoticons contain specialized icons like the kiki, penguin and the shark. All the three can help you out to fix varied issues cropping up in the virtual conversational forums.

If you are to thinking about declaring forefront enmity with a rebelling friend circle, set Facebook emoticons like the shark and the devil in their chat boxes each time they are detected online. As for friends and love mates you can pick the cute and perfect penguin form among the Facebook chat emoticons available. If the kiki, helps you to imitate the Japanese sensibility, and the sharks allowing you to pose the threat, the penguin can predicate the low temperatures this winter! Send penguins instead of teddies and make room for the swelling love you get in return from all the recipients.

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