Facebook Chat Emoticons: Light up the Screen with Emoticons

Need to make those glum faces on the other end of the screen glow up and grin? Your best friend is feeling trapped in his room after a parental house arrest- make him love his room in the dark with Facebook chat emoticons. Help them take up grief and upsets with an enlivening spirits and thank your cute and sweet Facebook emoticons to save the day. Try the smile of the grin if the situation is too tough to handle. Just in case it is a temporary upsetting period, show your friend the tongue and the wink to say you are around and you will fool around too. At least she won’t send you back the grin and the smile emoticon. Send best wishes to those staying away from home and also to the ones who find it difficult to share their inner emotions with the people they love the most. Facebook chat emoticons help you to be the angel for once. You need have been the naughty brat over the virtual world, now surprise Santa with your good deeds. The Facebook emoticons help you to tell more about what you think, rather than spend hours typing out each of the chosen words and earning the other person’s wrath.

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