Facebook Chat Emoticons Grandpa Emoticons

There are many Facebook emoticons referred to as the grandfather emoticons. They are categorized as the facial expressions minus smile. The grumpy smiley is the expression which shows that you do not like something and is really disappointed with it. Therefore, instead of expressing in words and worsening the situation then apply the grumpy smiley.

The Confused smiley is one of the most useful Facebook emoticons. Sometimes if you are confused of a situation and do not know what to do then insert the confused smiley, your friend will get the answer and he or show will know how to handle the situation.

The smile and wink are also referred to as the grandfather Facebook emoticons. The smile is used when you are happy or the wink to express the mischievous air looming in you. It adds to the fun and your friend will love the way you have reacted to a situation and the way you are expressing it.

The cry explains that you are sad and you want to cry. But a crying situation cannot be explained in words and therefore use the cry smiley and it will say it all. You will love the different Facebook emoticons that will convey the various meanings.

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