Facebook Chat Emoticons – Add Flavor to Your Chat Box

The Facebook chat emoticons help the virtual citizens spend hours glued up to their screen. This is possible only because the tiny emoticons help people to understand the tricks of punching less of the letters and more on the symbols. No doubt the Facebook chat emoticons help users to spice up their discussions. Seems like the conversation about the prom hall decoration is going stale-try to wink or send a tongue to your friend. We all know, she is too serious about the discussion. This is the best idea for throwing her off guard for the time being. She might keep asking you strange questions but that is your cue.

You can actually keep sending her a random series of facebook emoticons. If she is mischievous enough, you do get similar answers. A pre Christmas planning is taking place and in the mid way, you feel like falling asleep. Instead of going so and in the making your friends grow sad, you can spice up the chat with Facebook emoticons and change the topic for the time being. It is better to have a breathe of fresh air, rather than grow irritated over petty arguments while deciding what to by and where to buy from this festive month.

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