Express Yourself with Facebook Emoticons

When chatting online you don’t need to check your spelling to write the note perfectly. You don’t need any of these when talking your heart out with your close friend in the real world. Having said all these, you might be at cross sections thinking how to find this comforting pleasure from chatting online. This is where your Facebook emoticons come into play. In the FB world your emoticons are creating a sensational wave that was hardly experienced in any of the other social networking sites prior to its launch. Nothing goes awry, when you learn all the tricks about using the Facebook emoticons. Instead of typing out the words, “I feel like crying” flood the chat message with overwhelming tears. Your cry emoticon carries huge tear glands!

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You can induce high spirits all at the same time. Just insert the grin with whatever you have to say and your mates will actually get to visualize the sending jumping all about! Bury a secret or boil up suspense, send winks to say, “Touché”. Facebook emoticons have brought about millions across the globe closer; you are next in the line!

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