Emoticons on Facebook | Spell it out with Smiley

Got trouble talking all of a sudden this Christmas? Then let the Facebook chat emoticons work as your little saviors. If Santa has an elf retinue to assist him in his gift making factory somewhere up in North Pole, you have Facebook emoticons to help you patch up and forget differences. You might have angered your cousin by talking ill in a drunken state; you might have broken some of the family rules and made your father despise talking to you. Becoming the prodigal son is one thing, but coming back and embracing your loved one is perhaps the brave step you need to take.

The Facebook chat emoticons help you share your feeling right through the monitor screen. Sometimes words fail to express the right kind of emotional flow you are caught up with. So FB addicts do speak sense when they talk animatedly about the best qualities of Facebook emoticons. A few combination help you create dramatic expressions. Just place the smile emoticon to help you chat friend understands you are genuinely about her progress in the term tests. If your mother s focusing you to come back for the family wedding much to your disgust, throw a sad or a cry emoticon and perhaps she will understand.

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