Emoticons for Facebook | We Have a Fan Page too!

Facebook emoticons have taken the web by storm! Just about every Instant Message platform has its own set of smileys. There’s G-mail, Hotmail, MSN, AIM, and more. Once Facebook introduced their instant messaging feature the emoticons shortly followed behind. When you use the FB chat box you want to use smileys that are customized JUST for Facebook right?! Well now this is all possible. Facebook emoticons say what you feel when you can’t put it into words, or simply when you prefer to use the cute characters. Choose from FB emoticons like the penguin, shark, heart, angry, sunglasses, Chris Putnam and all the rest you can find on the list.

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to browse all the cool things on our site and get instructions on how to create the smileys when chatting. We even give some tips on what you can use the various emoticons for and the significance behind a few of them. If you enjoy our site and can’t get enough of Facebook emoticons visit our Fan Page! Be sure to “Like” our Facebook fanpage! We had a group page but it will soon be archived with the recent upgrade in Group format. We’ll keep the emoticons for Facebook coming and you stay tuned for the newest additions!

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