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Emotions for Facebook can be used to make a chat or a conversation between your friends and family more fun, friendly and interesting by using fun faces. The Facebook chat emoticons are aplenty and you are bound to stumble on the Facebook emoticon that would clearly express your feeling towards your friends or relatives who are in your Facebook account. The different types of Facebook emoticons include the good kid, the angry one, the money blower, the fashionista, the lazy stoner, the BFF, the saucy one, the flirt, the sketch bag, the moody one, the shy one, the buzz head, the drinker, the secret keeper, the softy and the sarcastic one.

Since these Facebook emoticons express what you really want to say. You can use these emoticons instead of typing long sentences which may go wayward once in a while and could possibly project a wrong message. These emoticons enhance the chatting experience anytime of the day and would light up a smile in anybody’s face. For example, sarcasm doesn’t really carry well in any text conversation and it would portray a different meaning all together. This would lead to wrong interpretations and would unnecessarily create problems. These problems can be avoided by just using the sarcastic smiley at the end of every sarcastic comment you make, this would clearly depict the nature of your comments and statements.

The emoticons for Facebook such the fun faces emoticons will cheer up any normal mundane conversations and rekindle the friendship spirits and bring you closer even though you and friends and relatives are miles away. Since Facebook is always adding many emoticons to its database, you may never run out of emoticons to depict what you really feel during any facebook chat conversations. So, enhance your chatting experience and make it more fun with the help of Facebook emoticons.

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