Cupid Facebook Chat Emoticon



Nothing personifies love (and Valentine’s Day) as this Cupid Emoticon. We all know that in Greek and Roman Mythology that Cupid is the god of: desire, love, attraction, and affection, and is the son of the love goddess: Venus (Aphrodite). Did you know that Cupid carried two types of arrows; one has a sharp golden point and the other a blunt tip of lead. If you were wounded by the golden arrow, you will be filled with uncontrollable desire towards your significant other. But if you are struck with the lead arrow you will feel aversion and desire to flee the other person.

We made sure that the arrow that this Cupid Facebook Emoticon is the good arrow. So be sure to send this Cupid over to you crush or loved one and let them know that you are thinking about them while you are chatting with them. Also share some of the knowledge about Cupid with them as well, as they will see that not only are you beautiful but also smart 😉

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