Common Facebook Chat Smiley Codes

Facebook chat smileys are now common while you are writing. It is like advancing your conversation further and helping you to get involved into a rollicking chat. Online chats are now more interesting with the Facebook smileys and emoticons doing their rounds.

You will to use them when you have the access to them. Facebook allows you to have access to a list of smileys that enable conversation. Talking to friends can be interesting. But a little mystery mixed with your knowing a person or talking with someone you already know is interesting. It helps in spicing up conversation.

The common Facebook chat smileys include the smile itself, which is used at every end of sentence to send a simple smile to feel good about. The grin is better used and creates a deeper place on minds. The gasp, confused and tongue are also commonly used. You will love to use the tongue that has mischief and fun mixed to it.

The wink is another on the list with magic to it. It shows the naughty nature of you and you don’t mind to pull the leg. It is true that the Facebook chat smileys are a great way to reconcile with friends or make new best friends.

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