Chatting with Facebook Emoticon Shortcuts

A lot of the young Facebook users are glued to the all time famous Facebook emoticons. This is mainly because you can give your fingertips some rest and let the icons express your feelings with the Facebook chat emoticons. You get to pick from 25 types of Facebook emoticons. To spread some happiness online get help from the yellow characters like smile, grin, wink, and let your friends send you the same in return. Adorn your evil side with the horned up devil and use the shark icon to unleash your wrath at those FB bullies who irritate you.

So far, these are easier to create, but if you want to set yourself apart from all the other Facebook emoticons users, you need to utilize some of the more complex smileys. You got the Putnam, robot, woot to modify your chat styles. Show your tongue out to tease your partner the tongue smiley makes that happen! What sets these icon apart from all the other tools present in the social networking sphere, is their ability to pop up on your chat screen in seconds. Get the list out and start practicing today. Learn all the shortcuts and turn a new leaf with Facebook emoticons at your aid.

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