Brighten Up A Buddy’s Day with Facebook Emoticons

Facebook emoticons can really help change someone’s mood or brighten up a day because emoticons help in displaying emotions which are universally appealing. The best thing about Facebook emoticons is the fact that an emoticon can seriously change the nature of a conversation and can brighten up a friend’s mood. Emoticons have a tendency to change a person’s mood for the better and brighten the day. A day which starts with a heart emoticon or a simple smiley can really brighten up a friend’s day and also brighten up the day of the other person. This is what an emoticon can do, change the mood of two people and ensure that both of them have a great day.

A Facebook conversation in itself is very engaging, and on top of that Facebook emoticons themselves can brighten up not only a conversation but also a day itself because emoticons speak for emotions. True emotions are displayed over a chat with the help of emoticons. So if one gives his or her buddy a smile or cracks a joke and types in a toothy smile emoticon, it automatically changes the whole nature of the conversation and the day itself starts on a great note.

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