Facebook Smileys | Be A Hottie with Facebook Smileys

Have you earned a name for being a fruitcake? Then why not use the smart Facebook smileys to show that you are a hotcake? The canny set of Facebook smileys is ideal for you, especially if you frequently adjust the slipping pair of specs on your nose. The glasses (8-) 8) B-) B)) is the classic jeer to those thinking that glasses make one an oddball. Flaunt your designer pair through the cool Facebook emoticons. There’s an emoticon for regular glasses and then the cool sunglasses. It’s not true that all nerds wear glasses. Some of the sexiest people wear glasses and look smart! The heart (<3) is an all-purpose cream that soothes every wound. You can win the hearts of your best friend, your mother or someone special through these lovey-dovey Facebook emoticons.

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