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    Here at FacebookEmoticons we have simplified how to share our custom sticker in chat. Please look below at a visual step-by-step process on how this is done.

    1. First you need to find the sticker you want to send. Then hit the Send In Chat button.

    Select Sticker to Send

    2. Next you still see the following screen:

    Send Custom Sticker Screen

    3. Click on the Name field and type in the name of the person you want to send the custom sticker to. If you want to add add in a personal message you can as do that as well. When you have finished hit the Share Photo button and the customized sticker will send to your friend

    Enjoy! Check out out our complete collection of custom stickers in our sticker section here.

    Green Monster Smile Facebook Sticker


    A simple smile is one of the best things to send while chatting with your friends on Facebook Messenger. It is the most common emotion that is constantly send during most conversations. Why not shake things up a little and instead of sending the old fashioned smile, sent over this Green Monster Smile Facebook Sticker. Your friends will appreciate the extra effort that you went though to send over something that is a little different, and maybe send it over to you as well.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

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