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    Smileys are integral to online chat. The different social networking sites on the Internet that allow you to interact with a large dimension of people across the world have spread like rapid fire. To name the most popular, Facebook is one such site that uses the different smileys or facial expressions to articulate your chat and enable expression. For instance, the heart smiley or emoticon is widely used due to its popularity.

    The heart signifies exchange of feeling that is love. When chatting online if you send in a heart to your friend, it will give the message that you are trying to send in your soft corner feeling to your partner. The Angel emoticon is regarded as the sweetest of all Facebook smileys. You will love using it since it denotes the innocence and sweet attitude of your persona. The angel is sometimes used to pacify things between controversial situations between friends.

    The Kiss is a Facebook smiley loved by all those who are in love. It is hot and very trendy. With the lips cupped to kiss, the kiss emoticon is like a rage amongst the youths. They will love to send it at the end of each sentence to show that how they are yearning to cuddle their partner.

    Facebook smileys are close to heart. The more you use them, the greater you fall in love with it.

    Sexy Facebook Smileys

    The sexy smileys are used by those who are new in love mostly. This genre of Facebook smileys is famous amongst all youths who love to express their love in different way than the usual straightforward way.

    The kiss is a commonly used Facebook smiley. A kiss shows that how much you want to caress your loved person and a kiss smiley at each end of sentence can add to the fun and interest. It is easy of spicing up conversation, but if kiss looks monotonous then the curly lips work out great. The curly lips strengthen your love and show your love that you want to be with them and cuddle them.

    Both kiss and curly lips are popularly used as love language. These Facebook chat smileys are the rage amongst the lovers who have been together quite a time. It is the way of refreshing love and improving relations. You will love to use the Facebook smileys when words play a little complicated.

    The kiss smiley has a face that is in smooching style and the curly lips show the intense desire in it. When you are short of the right and meaningful alphabets to create a concrete meaning use these Facebook smileys and see the wonder.

    New Facebook Smileys

    Curly lips is one of the Facebook smileys used as a substitute for kiss. It is more emphatic than a kiss and shows your loved one how crazily you want them. The glasses are one of the Facebook smileys that define one’s persona and style. If you think you are cool then send the glasses and see the reaction you get. The squint smileys are very popular with the ones who love to express the mischief self in them.

    The angel is a different Facebook smiley emoticon, and it is one of the most rarely and indispensably used Facebook smileys. It expresses the purity and innocence in you. The KiKi has close resemblance to the squint smiley. The KiKi looks so naughty and sweet too. Kids love to use it when they are expressing the joy or sweet naughty gesture to someone.

    The confused is another most commonly used Facebook smileys. It shows that you do not understand something and that you are dubious about the matter. The upset smiley is used when you are distressed or annoyed with something. Send in the smiley and you realize how beautifully they convey.

    Say Cheese with Facebook Smileys

    Facebook emoticons brings to you a sea of chances to improvise your chat online. It is not always about the integrity of words that can solely convey your message to your friend. Insertion of Facebook emoticons and emoticons can bring about a great change. A emoticon can change the pulse of your feeling by being more specific.

    “Say cheese” is a common saying when you are posing for the camera with a smiling face. Write ‘say cheese’ in between your conversation and you will see the difference that makes to your interaction with your partner. You will love the spark that ‘say cheese’ will bring to your friend’s face when you are chatting. Yes, a emoticon can work wonder and equally the ‘say cheese’ words can catch on the mood and wrap you in a happy mood.

    The significance is that when you ‘say cheese’ your lips extend on both sides and you feel that you are smiling. It has the power to patch up an old fight and bring happiness to a relationship. It is the moment for click and when it simply frames the moment with that big flash of smile on your face.

    Sunglasses Facebook Smiley

    The sunglasses are the coolest of all Facebook smileys. It has its own streak of style and trend attached to it. You will love to flaunt it when you are defining the stylish self in you. The sunglasses have a geeky style to them and it is used by those who want to define the classy style in them.

    The Facebook smileys are all that you can care of when you are chatting online. You will like to insert the Facebook smileys to make your conversation more spicy and desirable. Suppose you want to convey to your friends about how cool and chic you are and hence you send the sunglasses it is more than a simple explanation which will show to them that you have your own definite imposing self to your persona that will leave them amazed.

    Facebook smileys are widely used. It has been customized with varieties to help users realize that they have access to a sea of expressions that will help them when they cannot do it in writing. These are the Facebook chat smileys that leave you in awe with their own enigma and definition. No doubt, the Facebook smileys have redefined the version of online chat.

    Facebook IM Smileys: Kiss, Heart & Curly Lips

    Kiss, Heart and curly lips are the variegated Facebook smileys. They have their own significance and are used to convey different feelings to your friend. The smileys are the graphical representation of emotions, which are inserted in between words to impress the person with whom you are chatting.

    The kiss emoticon is rage amongst young lovers who yearn to express their emotions at the end of each word. In that case, the kiss comes to your aid expressing the passion you are feeling for your beloved. The heart shows your love for someone. If you are dying to propose someone and want to let someone understand how your heart feels for him or her, heart emoticon is very appropriate. It is the heart that captivates your girlfriend’s heart.

    The curly lips Facebook emoticon is a better version of kiss and is more igniting. If you want to rush to your boyfriend or girlfriend and want to dearest hug, then you will definitely want to do it. But there are situations where you cannot. In that case, the curly lips signify that how madly you want to cuddle him or her when you cannot get at that place instantly.

    Hence, these are the Facebook emoticon that can work wonder to your chat. You will love the spark and spice in applying the Facebook chat smileys.

    Facebook Smiley: Confused or Unsure

    When you are chatting with your friend and you cannot understand something then there is no need for you to write a whole page about what you really cannot understand. Just send in the confused smiley and see the reaction. Facebook smiley can work wonders if you know how to make use of them. The unsure and confused Facebook smiley are the best way to express your confusing mind. If you are not sure how to react to a certain thing that your friend has said, then you must insert the unsure smiley to make the message clear to your friends.

    Facebook smileys are a bunch of facial expression that has been designed specially to enable conversation and spice it up to extend your friendship on a different platter with more enthusiasm and spice in it. Sometimes, when you are writing in words, it has no spark or mystery in it. Therefore, the Facebook chat emoticons are the special way to express beyond words. It reaches out to your friends with a new style and definition that enables you express better. Unsure and confused smileys are specially used to help those instances when you are not sure what to say to your friends.

    Facebook Smileys of the World

    Facebook smileys are the recent craze amongst the youngsters. They love using the Facebook chat emoticons, which open to them a sea of opportunity to play with words and expression and make conversation simple for them.

    If you go a foray for picking the Facebook smileys to be used mostly or loved dearly by everyone, then the first that comes to mind is the grin smiley. It is an expression of happiness or making chats friendly.

    The tongue smiley is for fun and folly. It lightens up the mood of the conversation online and gives an idea to the other that you are expressing the sense of stupidity for something of your friend. The Kiss should also be remembered, since it is useful to express the kind of love you feel towards your boyfriend and girlfriend. Writing in words can be embarrassing or hard to express therefore the kiss smiley speaks it all.

    The curly lips are also an indication that how eagerly you yearn for a cuddle from your partner. It is like expressing the crazy feeling for your lover and how much you want to go to him or her.

    Hence, the Facebook smileys add to a lot of fizz to the online chat.

    The Original Facebook Smileys Are Back

    Facebook has customized a number of Facebook smileys which are quite popular. The smile is one of them and is a simple one that is used often with a good morning or with a good feeling for something for yourself or friend. The grin smiley is an extension of the feeling and it shows that you are exaggeratedly happy with something.

    The tongue smiley has a naughty touch to it. When you feel someone’s stupidity in something and you want to express it just insert a tongue. It lets your friends know that they have done something silly.

    The frown smiley is a serious note and is one of the most rarely used Facebook smileys. The frown shows that you are disappointed with something that has happened. You simply frown and let your friend understand. The sunglasses is one of the most stylish Facebook smileys which symbolizes Gen Y. If you are using it you signify your own style.

    The cry smiley is for a reason which you feel unhappy about and do not agree with it at all. The wink smiley is also one of the famous Facebook smileys and is used for mischief purpose.

    Facebook Chat Smileys Express Feelings

    The Facebook smileys are used as ways of expressing feelings. The facial expression says it all and reads clear even than words. Therefore, if you want to explain it better and be more impressive use the smileys.

    Facebook smileys are also known as the smileys which have their own purpose and way to define things. Sometimes words can be scary and too complicated and to make things appear simple and easy the Facebook smileys are all that you may want to use.

    Facebook emerged as the most popular social networking site with its new formula of designs and preface to make users have their own freedom and power to edit things according to wish. Then Facebook came with the idea of different emoticons to express the various facial articulations. You will like to use them when you are using them. The smile, grin, wink, tongue, upset, confused, pacman, angel and much more fit the list. You will love to use when you want to since instead of writing every details of your mind in words you can put it in the form of expression.

    The Facebook smileys are:), 3:), :3, >:O,:-O, stands for smile, devil, curly lip, upset, gasp. You will enjoy using the Facebook chat smileys to simplify your conversation and make things easier for both.

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