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    Is there anything better than a cup of coffee in the morning? Share your love for coffee with this very cool Facebook Emoticon for chat messages. I don’t know about you but I always have a fresh cup of coffee as I am checking out my Facebook Messages in the morning, and now you can share that experience with this smiley. This is a great emoticon to share with your loved ones in the morning as they are no doubt enjoying their coffee as well.

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    Nerd Facebook Chat Sticker


    Even though Dr. Dr. Seuss’s book If I Ran the Zoo (1950) invented the word “Nerd” for his books, this is one of the most commonly used words today. It can mean anything from someone really smart to a derogatory term. Most of the times you hear it between a group of friends. If you have the need to share a nerdy Facebook Sticker, than make sure to share the Nerd Facebook Chat Sticker with your friends.

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    Pirate Facebook Chat Emoticon


    Who doesn’t enjoy pirates? Jonny Depp made them popular again with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Why wouldn’t people want to be a pirate? They get to sail the open seas, search for treasure, and much more. It really equates to a life of freedom. We want you all to share in the pirate’s life with the new Pirate Facebook Chat Emoticon. Send this emoticon out to your friends and family and tell them that “it’s a pirate’s life for me”. Either way enjoy using this Pirate Emoticon while you chat with your friends, and enjoy the responses that you will get back.

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    Facebook Emoticons – Tongue, Wink, and Kiss

    Meeting up with friends and sharing thoughts seem to never cease. Chatting and gossiping plays a vital role in hanging out with friends, and if you get the chance of doing the same at home without meeting your friends then why not give it a try. The Facebook chat box is the famous medium to get in touch with your friends. To make it more interesting the emoticons are at your finger tip reach to make sure that you get your message right across to your friends. Facebook emoticon emoticons are the best of the list to enhance your stamina of articulating expression and feelings. To start with a few Facebook emoticons, the tongue is one of them that explain mischief. You show your tongue to the person whom you want to specify his or her stupidity. If you are in the mood of pulling pranks then the wink is one to be used.

    Kiss is used for lovers. You want to be with your beloved and throw your arms round him or her, but you really cannot. Then send in the kiss to show that how madly you want to be by his or her side. A kiss instead of love words is more emphatic. Facebook chat emoticons are the wonders that keep you hooked to conversation in the real sense.

    Head Scratch Facebook Chat Sticker

    Head Scratch

    Has a friend just sent you a message that just leaves you wondering what in the world they are trying to say? If that is the case, make sure to send them this Head Scratch Facebook Chat Sticker, as it will really show what you are doing at the moment, trying to decipher exactly what they are trying to say to you. This is a great sticker as it really does show what it feels like when you are confused by a statement made by a friend.

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    Small Smile Chat Sticker

    Small Smile

    At times it is really hard to express what you are truly feeling, especially when you are talking to someone on Facebook Messenger. If they tell you a joke the common reaction is to send them “lol” or “lmao”. Well at times wouldn’t it be better to send them over a sly smile? If that is the case then please make use of this brand new Small Smile Chat Sticker. They will enjoy seeing this chat sticker on their screen, as it means you put a little more effort in your reply than the normal replies people receive.

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    Sad Tears Facebook Chat Sticker

    Sad Tears

    Have you ever been so sad but it is extremely hard to express this feeling over Facebook Chat Messenger? Well have no fear, if you are feeling very sad due to a breakup, bad test grade, or more, make sure to send over this Sad Tears Facebook Chat Sticker. Once your friend sees this they will know the despair that you are facing, and hopefully come up with a way to cheer you back up.

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