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    A simple smile is one of the best things to send while chatting with your friends on Facebook Messenger. It is the most common emotion that is constantly send during most conversations. Why not shake things up a little and instead of sending the old fashioned smile, sent over this Green Monster Smile Facebook Sticker. Your friends will appreciate the extra effort that you went though to send over something that is a little different, and maybe send it over to you as well.

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    Small Smile Chat Sticker

    Small Smile

    At times it is really hard to express what you are truly feeling, especially when you are talking to someone on Facebook Messenger. If they tell you a joke the common reaction is to send them “lol” or “lmao”. Well at times wouldn’t it be better to send them over a sly smile? If that is the case then please make use of this brand new Small Smile Chat Sticker. They will enjoy seeing this chat sticker on their screen, as it means you put a little more effort in your reply than the normal replies people receive.

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